I use La Gourmet®’s state of the art cookware for all my masak-masak rumah.
Spruce up your living space with my exclusive and cantik selection of beautiful Turkish ceramics.
Sejuk ke panas, I keep my beverages the perfect temperature with classic La Gourmet® thermal appliances.
Seal in the flavours and freshness of your makan-makan with my favourite LocknLock® premium storage containers and dispensers.
Flip, Toss, and Chop! These La Gourmet® tools will help you get cooking cepat-cepat!
For appliances, I use La Gourmet®’s top notch, durable kitchen appliances for a professional restaurant-quality result, every time.
Serve your family and guests with my recommended collection of cantik La Gourmet® brand tableware.
Masak soup, stews and banyak-banyak other delicious recipes fast and easy with La Gourmet®’s latest thermal & pressure cookers.

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